Romantic Soft Glam Makeup Pictorial

Happy Sunday, Sweethearts, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m sharing an eye makeup pictorial for a romantic and soft glam look. If you want to know how I created my full face look, I’ll be posting a video on my YouTube channel soon. I originally wanted to post it with this blog post, but my laptop has been acting up.

This look is perfect for a date night, a night out with your girlfriends, or, let’s be real, any time! Why not?! So, without further ado, let’s go on to the pictorial!

I used the Colourpop x Disney eyeshadow palette to create this look.

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial! If you’d like to see other looks, let me know!


2019 Goals

Happy New Year, Sweethearts!

I know I took another hiatus in the month of December. Like I said in my last post, the holidays really just crept up on me and threw me out of my element. I wasn’t ready! Well, that was for sure a learning experience for  me. As prepared as I like to be, sometimes, things just happen and you have to let go of your initial plans.

For my first post of the new year, I wanted to talk about the goals that I have and the phrase I chose for 2019. I know that there are plenty of people out there who choose a word or phrase for the year, but I had never done that before. I was thinking about it while I was in my spin class yesterday morning, which was also a first for me. Then, it just clicked. It was my “Aha!” moment. My phrase for 2019 is *drum roll*…

try new things

This could be anything from food, to experiences, to activities, you name it! Every month, I want to challenge myself to try something new. This month, that new thing was spin class. I’ve always wanted to try it and I finally did! Was it hard? Yes, it sure freaking was, but it was sooooo worth it!

So, let’s move on to my goals for 2019. I don’t do resolutions, kay? I do goals! I’ve broken them up into four different categories: Personal, Relationship, Blog, and Financial.

Personal Goals
Live a healthier life – Drink less alcohol, exercise more (and be consistent!), make better decisions when it comes to food, meal plan and prep.

Get organized – Use my 2019 planner to my advantage and really stick to using it to plan out my weeks.

Do more – Reading, cooking, and creating.

Prepare for a baby – I originally had this as “get pregnant,” but there’s no guarantee of that happening, so rather, I’d like to think of it as preparing myself to get pregnant. 😉

Relationship Goals
Keep it fun – Go out on dates, be spontaneous, enjoy each other’s presence and company as much as possible.

Less arguing – Seriously, I have to stop sweating the small stuff and letting words affect my emotions. Sit back and think logically.

Try something new together – This goes with my phrase for the year. 🙂

Blog Goals
Get more organized – Plan out content ahead of time for my blog, Youtube, and Instagram.

1K followers on Instagram by the end of the year – This is going to be tough. It used to be so easy to gain followers, but not anymore. I really need to dedicate myself to this!

Financial Goals
Pay off two credit cards – This is definitely do-able if hubby and I tackle this aggressively. We may even be able to tackle the third and final one!

Do not pull out of our savings unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY – We had a bad habit over the last two years of pulling out of our savings for fun money. That really needs to stop, especially if we are trying to get pregnant.

Well, there you have it. Do you all have goals or resolutions for 2019? If not, I hope this inspires you to create some! Again, Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you peace, love, and all that good stuff for 2019!

Monterey Trip Recap

Hi Sweethearts! I apologize for not posting last week. I’ve been so busy with the holidays coming up and volleyball season starting that I never got the chance to prepare a post for Sunday. I had an idea, but just didn’t have the time to create the content. Well, I’m back in action and can’t wait to share a bit about our trip to Monterey with you all!

The hubby and I decided to have a little weekend getaway to the coastal city of Monterey, California. It’s the perfect getaway travel spot for us because it’s only two hours south from where we live! We got up early Saturday morning and hit the road by 7:45 AM. Of course, we grabbed some coffee first to keep us up for the drive (and help us recover from my work’s holiday party the night before).

We arrived in Monterey around 10:00 AM, which was perfect timing, because the first part of our trip was to explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium. By the time we arrived, the doors had just opened, so we got to enjoy the feedings and various exhibits. This was definitely a “must do” for us (or for me anyway) because if I hadn’t gone to school to be in healthcare, I would have attended the University of Hawaii to study marine biology. I love marine life and the world of the ocean, so this touristy spot was right up my alley.

Do you see the kelp fish?

Of all the exhibits we saw, my favorite was the Open Sea Exhibit. It was the first exhibit we went to, and we even stuck around to watch the feeding. It was amazing to see the anchovies shimmer as the swam in sync and watch in wonder as the ocean sunfish made its way to the back for a target feeding. I also loved seeing all the jellyfish in The Jellies Experience. The way they move so elegantly is therapeutic to me. I could honestly just sit there for hours watching them or even read a book by their side.

Strolling along Cannery Row, I asked Alejandro if we could take a quick picture with the gorgeous background.

After spending a few hours in the aquarium, Alejandro and I walked along Cannery Row to find a place to eat. We were starving by this time! We hadn’t eaten breakfast and we did quite a bit of walking around the aquarium. We found a restaurant called The Fish Hopper, which specializes in seafood and steak and decided to give them a try. The decor inside was whimsical, the service was amazing, and we were lucky enough to sit by the window, giving us a panoramic view of the bay. This was a huge plus, because as I was eating, I saw an otter swimming by and was able to record it!


For starters, I enjoyed a cup of clam chowder while Alejandro enjoyed some crab cakes. For our main course, I ordered the sanddabs and he ordered the seafood pasta Isabella. Both dishes were absolutely delicious! I also enjoyed a glass of red zinfandel. It was soooo good!

Even though the menu says $20 to taste 5, I was able to try all 7.
Gorgeous Christmas tree on Cannery Row!

After our lunch, we shopped around Cannery Row. They had cute specialty shops and general stores. We purchased some items from the jewelry store right next to The Fish Hopper and an awesome, glowing candle from next door. One of the stops we made was at a wine bar where I did a tasting of 7 different wines for only $20. Can you believe that?! These weren’t just little pours either. So, you can only imagine how good I was feeling after that. I actually loved one of the white wines I tasted, so I went home with a bottle. We continued our journey along Cannery Row and ended at the Nestle Toll House for some sweet treats.

The Centrella Inn, Pacific Grove
Entrance to the inn with Christmas lights up.
Stairway up to our room. We were right at the top of the stairs and to the left.

Afterward, we checked in at the inn we decided to stay at, The Centrella Inn in Pacific Grove. It’s a Victorian styled inn that’s nationally registered as an historic building. It was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and when we arrived, they were actually in the middle of their wine hour. So, we took our bag to our room, Alejandro decided to rest for a little, and I went downstairs for another glass of wine, some hors d’oeuvres, and fresh baked cookies. As I was enjoying everything, the night manager asked if we had any dinner plans and if we’d like any recommendations if we didn’t. I kindly declined, but asked if there was anything to do at night. He said that due to Pacific Grove’s conservative history, there wasn’t anything there. Instead, he said I’d be better off in Monterey.

Walking down the streets of downtown Monterey after our hookah session.

I relayed the message back to Alejandro and we started looking up things to do on Yelp. Honestly, Monterey doesn’t have much of a night life either. However, we did find a hookah lounge in downtown, so we gave it a shot. The place was outdoors, tended to a younger crowd, and had big fire pits to sit around. We opted to sit around a fire pit with some other couples, enjoyed our hookah, and had a couple of beers. Before ending the night, we picked up some food to go from the restaurant across from the hookah lounge and brought it back to the inn. We can both say that it was the best club sandwich we’ve had so far!

The next morning, we got up and went downstairs for a chef-made breakfast. The food was nice and hearty, giving us energy for our little morning adventure to Lovers Point Beach, which was walking distance from the inn. We enjoyed the time we spent there and really took in the beautiful views. Not only that, but we saw some cute, furry friends among the rocks we climbed. Oh, and I saw a sea lion swimming by!

We spotted quite a few sea squirrels as we climbed up the rocks.
Lovers Point Beach
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Look at the amazing view, clean water, and soft sand!
Alejandro and I climbed up the rocks at Lovers Point snapped a picture.

Lovers Point was our last activity before we drove back home. After our trip, we both agreed that we would love to come back, but next time, with Meeko! Monterey is very dog-friendly, so Meeko would fit right in.

I highly recommend going to Monterey for a relaxing getaway. Whether you choose to go during the summer or winter, you can’t go wrong. It’s a beautiful city with amazing food options. Although there isn’t a night life, you can find plenty to do during the day.

If you have any questions about Monterey, let’s chat! I’d love to share!