My Favorite YouTube Channels

Hi all! This week’s post is coming later in the day than usual. I spent the weekend at my parents’, and although I had the laptop, my husband changed the password and couldn’t remember it. *Eye roll*

I wanted to share some of my favorite YouTube channels with you this week.

The Happy Planner

I love using my Happy Planner to organize my life! I enjoy watching their videos for some inspiration. Check them out here.

But First, Coffee

I love watching Kallie’s videos! I first came across her YouTube when I was looking up different ways to wrap gifts for Christmas. This is the video that led me to her. Her channel focuses on affordable living, organization, and motherhood.

Bottled Ambition

I love Sarah! She and I first started following each other on Instagram three years ago. She reached out to me in an e-mail, promoting a podcast she and her cousin started. I’ve basically followed Sarah throughout her social media journey, and I have to say her YouTube is one of my absolute favorites. I love her vlogs, and it’s a plus when her husband has some commentary. Haha! I swear, I always find myself starting to shop when I watch her videos. Lol! Check her out here.

Have you seen any of these channels? Whom do you recommend on YouTube? Let me know in the comments!

Rosy’s First Pumpkin Patch

I’m back! I took about a month off from writing posts. I was going through some personal things and needed the mental break. Thanks for sticking with me though! Don’t forget, you can always follow me on other platforms to see other content. My IG handle is @dolcevitanessa and my YouTube is also Dolce Vita Nessa. I post about three times a week on IG.

Our little family of three visited my parents in Elk Grove this weekend. Rosy went to her first pumpkin patch and got her first pumpkin! We spent a little over an hour at Keema’s Pumpkin Farm, a small pumpkin farm with a small petting zoo, a corn maze, a hale bale maze for kids five and under, and a pumpkin patch. In order to get to the pumpkin patch, you take a hale bale/tractor ride.

I knew it was going to be a hot day, so we went right when the farm opened at 10 AM. We took a few pictures first, saw some of the animals at the mini petting zoo, got through the corn maze, took the tractor to the pumpkin patch and picked out Rosy’s first pumpkin, then went back to my parents’ house. Everything can easily be done within 60-90 minutes, which I thought was perfect for having an infant. It was warming up by the time we left, but we got out of there and beat the heat.

Check out the video I put together of our little adventure!

Hope you’re all doing well!

Fall Planner Layout

The first day of fall is in two days! It’s time for my favorite season. I love using my planner and especially love the fall stickers from the Rong Rong collection. I started decorating the first week of fall in my planner with some of the stickers. I had to slow down a bit; otherwise, I would have used up all the stickers.

How do you typically set up and use your planner? The first thing I like to do is decorate my pages with stickers. I try to go with a theme or color scheme and I use smaller stickers for things like appointments, dates, or activities. Once my stickers are in place, I fill out my planner by writing in work, events, etc.

As you can see here, I have a vertical layout, which is my favorite. I use the top third for morning activities, the middle third for the afternoon, and the bottom third for the evening/night. I’ve seen this layout used differently, but this method is what works for me.

I honestly can’t even wait to see next year’s collection of planners and stickers! Do you use a planner? If so, which one?